Kicking Off Grilling Season

Kicking Off Grilling Season

Kicking Off Grilling Season

Memorial Day is only a few weeks away, and it’s time to dust off the grill, put the apron back on and get grilling for the summer. After months of your grill being untouched, it could probably use some TLC, so it’s important to do some prep work to be ready for your upcoming bbqs. You may be tempted to reach for your wire brush or harsh chemicals, but there are dangers associated with using these tools - such as your guests potentially swallowing a wire bristle. This grilling season, put the wire brush away, and follow our grilling hacks to keep your title as Grill Master.

Steam Instead of Singe

A common way people clean their grills is by tossing some lighter fluid on the grill and singeing off the excess pieces of food, but steaming is safer and more effective. Heat up your grill and once it begins to cool down, place a sizable tin of water inside, close the lid and let it steam for 30 minutes. This method gets your grill just as clean without adding more chemicals into the mix.

Scrub Instead of Scrape

As we mentioned earlier, wire bristles are not the safest option for grill maintenance. Instead, Scrubby’s can eliminate some of the accumulated fat and oil without removing the years worth of seasoning you’ve built. Spray a little bit of vinegar onto your grill and let it sit for 10 minutes, then use Scrubby’s non-scratch abrasion to clean away flammable remnants of food while still keeping those special flavors you’ve created safe.

Get Your Onion On

Once you’ve finished grilling, stick a fork in an onion and run it across the grates of your grill. Similar to our first cleaning method, the onion method will help steam clean, as well as cut through some of the stuck on fat and oil with its acidity. Using an onion after every time you grill can save you both prep time and maintenance when your next bbq rolls around.

By taking the proper measures to clean your grill after every use with all-natural ingredients,  you can minimize risk, enhance your flavors and man the grill with confidence this grilling season.

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