Meet the Pump Booster!

Meet the Pump Booster!

Meet the Pump Booster!

We’re happy to announce that Scrubby’s has a new friend, the Pump Booster! Designed and produced by American Products Group, this nifty household tool is here to solve all of your lotion woes. On average, 20% of lotion is wasted because it’s left sitting at the bottom of the bottle, but not with Pump Boosters.

You know that feeling. You’re nearing the end of your lotion bottle, your pump is no longer working, but you know there’s still plenty of lotion just sitting at the bottom. Instead of twisting off the pump, turning the bottle upside down and banging on the bottom, you can save yourself the hassle and use your Pump Booster.

All you have to do is unscrew the lotion bottle, attach your Pump Booster to the end of the pump tube, and put the pump back in as you normally would. From there, every time you use your lotion, the Pump Booster will ensure you get the most out of your products. 

To purchase your very own Pump Booster, click here


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