Scrubby's Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Scrubby's Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Scrubby's Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Washing dirty dishes and ensuring they are stain free can be a hassle. Using the same old bacteria-filled sponge becomes difficult after so many uses. With Scrubby’s, you’re not only getting the load of dishes done, you’re also getting your Scrubby’s ready to take on your kitchen mess.

Wash Your Scrubby’s With Your Dishes, Too

Forget having to throw your sponge out every week. Scrubby’s are 100 percent reusable and can be thrown in the dishwasher to get them squeaky clean. You can save yourself loads of money, time and trouble constantly trying to clean your sponges.

Select Silicone

With our long-lasting silicone Scrubby’s, you don’t have to worry about the bottom of your soap getting gooey. Just set your bar of soap on top of the silicone bristles for proper circulation. Scrubby’s silicone also lets you scrub off any unnecessary residue left behind on plates, bowls and other tight corners.

Scrub Your Kitchen Clean

The best part about Scrubby’s is that it is not made just for dish washing, but also for kitchen cleaning. With the silicone bristles, you can easily maneuver around your table tops, sink and stove to maintain a gleaming kitchen with no scraps or stains left behind.

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