Scrubby's Spring Cleaning Guide

Scrubby's Spring Cleaning Guide

Scrubby's Spring Cleaning Guide

Spring is in full swing, and there’s no better time than now to clean those areas of the house that you might neglect during the rest of the year. Scrubby’s were made to do so much more than just clean dishes - here’s our guide to help make your spring cleaning simple with Scrubby’s.

The Fridge

Let’s face it, spills happen, and we all can be guilty of ignoring them. Get your fridge back in tip-top shape by taking everything out and throwing away anything that’s expired. Remove the shelves from the fridge and put them in the sink. Use your favorite dish soap and a Scrubby of your choosing to get rid of any food remnants. Next, use your favorite spray cleaner to spray down the rest of the fridge, and utilize your Scrubby to scrub away any stubborn food that’s stuck.

Grimy Pots and Pans

Sometimes it only takes burning a meal one time for your pots and pans to be full of grime. Loosen any burned on food or stickiness by adding a squirt of dish soap and water to your pots and pans. Simmer this mixture for a few minutes, and then use your Scrubby to scrub off anything that’s left. Don’t worry, Scrubby’s non-scratch abrasion will keep your pans in perfect condition.

The Oven

Cleaning your oven isn’t only going to improve the cleanliness of your kitchen, it’s also going to prevent any residual food from catching on fire. If your oven has a self-cleaning feature, turn that on and wait for the cycle to run. Then, get a bowl of hot water and dish soap -- use the bristle side of your choice of Scrubby to clean the burnt food off of the grates.


Taking the time to clean your grout can transform any room, but it can also be tedious to clean all of it, especially if you have a lot of tile in your home. To make cleaning your grout easier, mix together ½ a cup of baking soda with two gallons of water. Once your mixture is ready, thoroughly soak your Scrubby in it and use the bristles to clean out your grout.

Spring cleaning doesn’t mean you have to break the bank buying a million different cleaning appliances, that’s why we’ve worked hard to ensure that our scrubbers work hard for you. Let us know some of your favorite ways to clean with your Scrubby’s!


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