Using Your Scrubby's For Summer Fun

Using Your Scrubby's For Summer Fun

Using Your Scrubby's For Summer Fun

Scrubby’s can be used for a lot of great things inside the house, but who says you have to limit your Scrubby’s to just being your go-to exfoliator or dishwashing tool? Scrubby’s come in many shapes and sizes - here is how to get the most out of Scrubby’s many uses for summer!

  1. A Day at the Beach

Got too much sand on your beach spread? Scrubby’s has you covered. The silicone bristles are extremely effective at removing that extra sand off your towels and clothes. Also, Scrubby’s is the perfect addition to that sandcastle the kiddos have been building all day. 

  1. A BBQ Cookout

You need a clean grill for your next big barbeque session without the residue and Scrubby’s can help. Lather up your Scrubby’s with your favorite cleaner and be sure to work your way around all of the tough corners. You’ll never have to worry about any leftover burnt charcoal or food scraps on your burgers and hot dogs again.

  1. Baby’s First Pool Party

We know the rubber ducky will always be our favorite childhood bath toy, but say hello to the go-to pool party toy for your kid. Scrubby’s are capable of floating, being thrown around and still maintaining their great shape after a long day of play. Save your money on flimsy pool toys that rip, tear and deflate and consider Scrubby’s for a splash of a time!

Summer will be over before you know it, so be sure to stock up on Scrubby’s for all of your summer activities here!

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