Introducing the all new family of Scrubby's!

It all started when American Products Group (APG) created its unique patent pending Square-Bristle technology. From there, Scrubby's, a brand-new family of long-lasting, no-odor silicone scrubbers featuring true non-scratch abrasion were created to make cleaning as easy as possible. 

Uses for Scrubby's 

Scrubby’s uses and benefits are innumerable as reported by users; such as cleaning dishes, glassware, pots & pans, vegetables and fruit. There's no problem getting lipstick off a wine glass or coffee cup using Scrubby’s. They make an excellent soap dish and sponge rest eliminating melting soap syndrome and nasty sponge mildew odors in the kitchen. Scrubby's also make getting the whole family clean a breeze, even the ones with paws. Many use them for their pet’s bath and brushing their hair. Adults love them for the shower and kids in their bath. But you can use Scrubby’s in more than just the kitchen or bathroom -- they can also be thrown in the dryer to reduce static cling and used dry to remove hair & lint from clothing, couches and pet cushions. 

Why Scrubby's?

Since they have so many uses from exfoliation to cleaning the kitchen, Scrubby’s are real money savers. Unlike other products on the market, they're durable and versatile, and even last for up to a year. They can be recycled and are environmentally friendly by eliminating the need to use throw away products saving you money and time.